MDLab2014: Pixlr and Stereotypes Assignment

Car bombs in Iraq

The photo before editing using Pixlr


MDLab2014- Doha Abu Summaqah

  • The topic of the story is about a series of car bombs strike crowded markets in Shia districts killing at least 47 people. Where the photo shows several bombed cars with no dead bodies or a mark that it’s at Shia districts.
  • The context of the image is evident because it shows bombed cars and the main subject is car bombs in Shia districts.
  • The photo caption was: Car bombs are detonated in several neighbourhoods in Baghdad, Iraq.
    The caption of the photo is clearly presenting the fact of several neighbourhoods bombings, while the photo is showing 4-5 bomber cars and people are looking at them as if they happened long time ago. Where their isn’t any signs for injuries or dead bodies to present the fact of a 47 people who’ve been killed by those bombs, and it said that it was in several districts where the viewer can see only 1 place.
  • The underlying values of the photo are to reinforce the subject which was about car bombings in Baghdad, Iraq and to reflect the image for the vision of their effects and how many people have been killed because of them. But that wasn’t clearly enough said by the photo that BBC chose to the article, and it’s a typical stereotypes for bombing situations.
  • At first look, the image tells you that it is a place where it has witnessed several bombings but in the same place, as if it’s historical and this is how I think it has mislead the viewer.
  • I think several photos for more than one district which the bombings has happened in, will be doing the article better. Also if there is any kind of photos for injuries and people who have been killed in this bombings will deliver a clear message than this one.


The photo after doing edits using Pixlr

The photo after doing edits using Pixlr

The edits done to this photo are:

• Resized the photo in order to make it a 600 pixels photo.

• Adjustment for the brightness of the image.

• Adjustment of the colors in order to make them more real and brighter.

• Edited the curves of the photo by working on each color separately: Red, Green, Blue.


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