Advertising Analysis (Portray of woman in Ads)

Layal Saad, Doha Abu Summaqah, Oubada Kassar & Adonis Keyrouz

fiordelli(Without any signs)

What do you think this Ads about?





Fiordelli for Wedding dresses and Suits - Lebanese Brand

Fiordelli for Wedding dresses and Suits – Lebanese Brand

How the Ad was shown at the billboards in Beirut streets.

How the Ad was shown at the billboards in Beirut streets.

This Ad should be promoting Fiordelli wedding clothes for Men and Women – Lebanese brand. 

It’s targeting the high class category, where the Man Model is a former Mr. Lebanon and a current actor.

The ad took place in an Old lebanese house which obviously full of classic type of furniture.

The relationship between the written and the pictorial elements wants to say that the way to luxury for men is by being powerful and ruling women’s life, but is it the road to luxury for women?

The mood was showing the confidence of Arabian man who is setting on a chair placed on a table and who is looking straight to the camera, where in parallel we can’t even see the face of the woman who is crawling under his feet. And who is basically pictured as weak and a very low self esteem.

There are couple of symbols and signs used to show Men strength which are: Chains, Chair, Table, Face expressions, His look, The darkness of the photo taken, and the light is spotted on him making his white suit the most highlighted thing in the photo.

This Ad is nurturing the thought of Men in being powerful and manipulating Women.

The figures are: The Man Model, and the woman.

The Man: 

1. Sitting on a chair on the top of a table.

2. Looking straight at the camera with confidence and power without even looking at her.

The Woman: 

1. She is crawling under his feet, seeking for security, maybe. Trying to hold his hand and looking at him.

2. She is wearing a bridal backless dress.

Are these the basics of a successful marriage relationship?

The woman model in the Ad should probably be his wife, but rather portrayed as  his servant.

The violent elements in the photo are the chains that can be expressing social slavery or sexual violence.

The Stereotypes employed the one showing the authoritarian man and the submitted woman.

The Camera angle was medium shot. This Ad doesn’t provide any information while it is provide an emotional instinctive response.


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